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AED Sales

CPR & Safety Classes of RI offers Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and AED supplies for your home or business. AEDs have never been more affordable than they are today!

Please call CPR & Safety Classes of RI at (401) 862-7009 for assistance in selecting the AED that’s just right for you or contact us at cprinri@verizon.net to find out more.

CPR & Safety Classes of RI is your complete source for the purchase of AEDs and AED supplies.

AED Services

The management of an AED Program can be time and labor intensive. It is essential to enlist the support services of a Program Manager who is knowledgeable in the design and implementation of a personalized on-site AED program.

CPR & Safety Classes of RI is a company you can trust to handle all of your Emergency Care Management needs to ensure the safety of your employees and visitors to your company.

Why do we need an AED Program

Statistics reveal the alarming fact that more than 330,000 deaths occur each year from sudden cardiac arrest in which out-of-hospital survival rates are approximately 5%. This is clear evidence that something must be done to increase a victim’s chance of survival. One of the most devastating aspects of sudden cardiac arrest is that it often strikes apparently healthy, individuals, young and old. Sudden cardiac arrest occurs in churches, homes, businesses, schools, and public places.

Improving the chance that both CPR and defibrillation are performed appropriately and effectively is dependent upon the formulation and implementation of an effective AED Program.

The First Step

Selecting CPR & Safety Classes of RI as your site’s program manager is the first step in the successful implementation of an AED Management Program. As the program manager, we will work to ensure that AED devices are properly placed and maintained in your facility.

Key Components
    · Identifying & Training designated rescuers in CPR & use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) *additional fee applies for training
    · Providing physician oversight & Quality Assurance (post-event analysis)
    · Review State and Local AED regulatory requirements
    · Integrate with local Emergency Medical Services
    · Maintain AEDs according to the manufacturer’s specifications
    · On-Site Maintenance checks by CPR & Safety Classes of RI expert staff twice a year
    · Mentoring company designated Emergency Response Site Coordinator
    · Guidance in proper placement of AEDs at your location
    · Quality Review of Emergency Care Program on an annual basis
    · Replacement of expired batteries and pads
    · 10% Discount off the cost of CPR/AED training sessions

Training Programs

Who should be trained and how they get trained is an important decision. CPR & Safety Classes of RI assists our clients in determining the scope of the training program and needs of the individual client.

Statistics show that the greater the number of first responders on-site, the smoother and more efficiently a medical response will go, improving a victim’s chance of survival.

The proper number of responders depends on the site assessment and the number of AEDs required. AED Manufacturers and organizations such as the American Heart Association offered suggestions to help establish the number of AEDs needed on-site. A general rule of thumb is to have 10 or more individuals trained per AED.

CPR & Safety Classes of RI offers several types of training programs to our clients.
    · Traditional classroom training, which is video-driven, provides training in CPR & Use of the AED for the Adult, Child & Infant
    · Traditional classroom training in use of the AED
    · Blended training combines multi-media web-based training with traditional instructor-led classroom skills. Participants work at their own pace to complete the online training and conclude their training with a one hour skills check off session
    · Mock Drill sessions are designed for on-site training of groups of 10 or more participants. This course reviews CPR & AED skills or Medical Emergency-First Aid skills with individuals who have recently completed a CPR or First Aid training course. This course is intended as a refresher to reinforce skills learned.